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How can I solve this problem? I don't know how it happened and how to log it in windows. whats the command to kill a program? what* e2kill I have /usr/lib64/ installed. When I run an OpenGL program, it says, "Failed to open module intel." I'm not sure if that's the problem, or if this is related. e2kill is a bash program and i'm using ksh pilif12p: see "man kill" for the syntax i know that i'm looking for a command that gives me the same result as kquitapp, which is the name of a default kde program pilif12p: the manpages give the details on the arguments. what you know of kill you can use on a command like "ps" and learn which process is the one you need to kill pilif12p: the kde standard for "kill" is kquitapp. you can change that to "kquitapp -all". that should do the same as your kde command. but i dont think you would want to use kde program names to kill a system services, like a webbrowser or so. that might confuse users. ok, thanks that was the point, i guess pilif12p: your run level is 2? no, it's 3 i know, i just want to make sure ok you seem to have done some changes to the system at some point as your /etc/fstab on the desktop points to an sda, but your isntall is on the sdb. that is the reason for the "disk / partition not found" no it's just one partition on sdb1 not a disk



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Fspassengersxsteamcrack201611k [Latest-2022]
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