Being Spiritually Healthy

What does it mean to be spiritually Healthy? Why is it so important?

When we think of spirituality we think of spirituality, we often think of religion or believing in some form of higher power. We sometimes resist all things that are associated with this form of spirituality; however, spirituality doesn’t have to mean religion, it doesn’t have to mean being controlled by someone or something. Having spiritual health is all about understanding that your being within yourself is in a safe place. It is all about protecting and nourishing your spirit. There are many ways to nourish the spirit and be spiritually healthy without including religion in the mix. Her are a few ways to do this:

1. Meditate

Meditation gives you time to sort through the things that plague your spirit. Allow yourself to work through your problems and free yourself from the inner workings of the ego. Sometimes the ego hides our true selves with the selves shape by a broken world.

2. Practice Mindfulness

Be present in your situation.Sometimes we go through life hiding from truths and hard times. Instead of facing rejection and moving on, we avoid difficult situation only to let it cloud our days, causing anxiety and nervousness. Don’t fear knowing the answer, be present in your life, know that what ever comes next you will want to be present for.

3. Get to know your true self

I know personally, I have created many personas for myself in order to fit in with the people around me. I changed the things I liked, I changed my way of thinking, I became someone that is just like everyone else. I got to a point I changed so much, I didn’t really know who I was. I had to peel back the layer and get to know myself again. What did I actually like? What do I actually care about? Was I like this because I wanted to seem interesting?

Sometimes the environment that changes us, isn’t for the better; so get to know the real you and love that you with all your heart.

I hope this help anyone who is looking to be spiritually healthy. Namaste.

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