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The Clothier's Book of. I am delighted to have available in pdf. nd and the Legesse, Ermias book can be found on page 25..Rising temperatures raise risks for disaster Michael Cherney Published 7:00 pm, Friday, August 9, 2008 Most Americans don't know how to prevent floods or forest fires or tsunamis. But they can be prepared to minimize the effects of man-made disasters, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and other earthquakes, if they live in an area that would be vulnerable. To help them be prepared, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is urging Americans to learn how to handle themselves in a disaster, and it is producing a free guidebook that offers more than 300 tips for people who live in areas that are vulnerable to disasters. "If you live in an area that is vulnerable to a major disaster, then it is important to be aware of how you can protect yourself and your family in that kind of event," said Dr. John Byers, assistant administrator for NOAA's National Ocean Service, at a briefing in Washington today. "It is not really a survival book; it is a book about how to be prepared for your own personal safety." The free book, "Preparing for Disasters," is available online at The book can also be ordered directly from NOAA, from online booksellers like and from local bookstores, such as Barnes and Noble. NOAA began working on "Preparing for Disasters" last year. "It is not something we are doing just to help the victims; it is also to help people make sure that they can take care of themselves during a disaster," said Elizabeth Romer, a NOAA coastal services administrator. The guidebook is based on a study NOAA conducted in several states to find out how people deal with disasters, Romer said. The study included tests of people's evacuation knowledge and their ability to choose safe shelters. "We are not trying to tell people to move to a low-lying area," Romer said. "It is a terrible idea to try to find refuge on the beach. It is a terrible idea to try to seek refuge in a park or a school. But we are trying to tell people what to do in the event that they have to do it."